Request Funding

As a result of our 2020 Winter Fundraising efforts, the Rocky River Women’s Club is unable to disburse its traditional community grants in the spring of 2021. 2021 has not allowed us to plan our traditional fundraising event. We hope to resume our regular Rocky River organizations and community projects in the fall of 2022 or spring of 2023.

Each year, the Rocky River Women’s Club raises thousands of dollars and disburses it back into our community. Private residents, businesses, non-profits, and community organizations alike are invited to request funding. We consider proposed projects and services that will benefit multiple Rocky River residents.

Past projects that have been funded through the RRWC, include:  Rocky River Park Pavillion, the Goldwood playground equipment, Linden Park tennis backboard, transportation costs for the Senior Center, school supplies for the REACH program, Library programming, and much more!