About Us

Mission: To develop our members in intellectual endeavor, social fellowship, the promotion of general welfare and service to the community.

In keeping with our mission, the RRWC strives to bring members together through various social outlets including general meetings, social events and fellowship, such as book club, exercise classes, potluck dinners, and more.

Through the years, the RRWC has raised more than $300,000 that was donated to dozens of local groups and scholarships in the Rocky River community. Through the hard work of our members, the RRWC hosts fundraising events each year.

The RRWC has the primary civic service responsibility of managing the Rocky River Assistance Program (RRAP). This program was founded in 1984 to help families in need living in Rocky River by providing two weeks’ worth of food every other month. In addition, the children in the program receive school supplies, clothing gift cards and items from their holiday wish lists.

Rocky River Women’s Club Past Presidents:

Mrs. Robert M. Miller
Mrs. Adrian A. Collart
Mrs. Frank Yeaser
Mrs. Robert Anderson
Mrs. Donald VanDerlinde
Mrs. Russell E. Dublin
Mrs. Ross Allen
Mrs. George Schumaker
Mrs. Richard Cvetic
Mrs. William F. Dean Jr.
Mrs. Paul Crommelin Jr.
Mrs. William Hamilton
Mrs. Paul Cole
Mrs. Robert Davison
Mrs. Robert Keller
Mrs. Glenn Dumonthier
Mrs. Donald Otto
Mrs. Edward Kelly
Mrs. Thomas Kraus
Mrs. James Walker
Mrs. Ralph Marlatt
Mrs. John Ralston
Mrs. Thomas Hardington
Mrs. Jonathon Seidel
Mrs. Kenneth Killen
Mrs. Thomas Magalen
Mrs. Frank B. Comery Jr.
Mrs. William Danialson
Mrs. T. Steven Blake
Mrs. William Gareau
Mrs. Stanley Fairchild
Mrs. Carol Hildebrandt
Mrs. Kathy Berkshire
Mrs. Louise Evans
Mrs. Nancy Eilberg
Mrs. Joyce Lampp
Mrs. Pamela Bobst
Mrs. Molly Stinn
Mrs. Marcy Porter
Mrs. Shelly Copa
Mrs. Maureen Donoughe
Mrs. Mary Griffiths
Mrs. Tammy Grauer
Mrs. Mimi Verdone
Mrs. Karin Angiuoli
Mrs. Sheri Swartz
Mrs. Ellen Perez
Mrs. Sheila Gallagher
Mrs. Ann Coyne
Mrs. Kim McCue
Mrs. Penny Mead
Mrs. Kelly Schumacker
Mrs. Julie Weaver
Mrs. Felicity White
Ms. Candia Sweet
Mrs. Jill Brandt
Mrs. Shannon Lukz
Mrs. Megan Alexander
Mrs. Kelly Dimacchia
Mrs. Amy McDougal
Ms. Rose Seed
Ms. Vanessa Butler
Ms. Shannon Gilfillan
Mrs. Erin Clark
Mrs. Julie Eccleston
Mrs. Penny Bucaro
Ms. Carolyn Billick (current)